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About Our Company:
Cursint Furniture Factory Co.,Ltd is a privately owned enterprise, established in Year 2002. In the past 14 years, we have always been dedicated to the development, design and production of metal furniture. Our products include living room chair, leisure chair, office chair, dinning room chair, day beds, benches, swivel chair, leather-upholstered sofas, fiberglass shell chairs, tables, etc. We mainly provide OEM service for global clients, producing according to their specific demands.
"Customer and Quality First" is our main motto. Based on our company's years of skillful production experience and excellent customer service, we have gained most customers' trust and our products are highly appraised by them. This in turn enables our products to play an important role in the furniture industry. Besides direct sales and whole sales, we usually export to U.S.A., UK, Australia, France, Italy & other countries worldwide.
With the cooperation and support of friends and customers in all circles, Cursint Furniture is looking forward to creating a brighter future in the field of metal furniture.
Don't just take our words for it. You are most welcome to visit us here in the factory!

About Our Team:
Professional engineers:
responsible for making production workmanships as per client's requests,product engineering standards and technical supports in production.
responsible for optimization and improvement of product and production workmanship and manufacture equipment.
responsible for exploiture new products..
Production staff:
We apply bran-new standard production system to improve efficiency,fully satisfy client's request of deliverying goods on time and meet our budget requirements.
In order to reach the concept of"condense",we change the traditional layout of straight work for "module"style work,.the module operation is independent and flexible,it can meet the requirements of quick change.

Quality inspector team:
Professional quality inspector combination with advanced international inspection methods to control every stage from raw materials to finished products. Prevent any mistake in production and impede any inferior product. in order to guarantee the finished products are coincident with the requests of confirmed samples and design plan,that is to ensure product eligible rate in maximum.

Sales and service team:
We offer warm after-sales service for every client with full sincerity and enthusiasm ,Make fussy business negotiation become concise, and every deal is pleasant whatever the order is big or small.