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Care and maintenance of teak furniture

Teak is the premium natural material for outdoor furniture. Teak is an extremely durable hardwood; it requires very little care to preserve its good looks and integrity over decades of use. It is also a material of natural beauty that displays a wide variation of rich grain and color ranging from light honey gold to deep chocolate brown. The natural growth process ensures endless variation so that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike in grain and color

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Here are some general care guidelines that will help you to get a lifetime of pleasure from your teak furniture.

Teak requires no special treatment or coating to extend its long life, however there are some choices for the care of its appearance:

Natural Teak
New teak furniture often has a slight surface sheen. This is from the oil naturally occurring in teak wood. This surface oil will be washed away after a short time outdoors. The oils and resins that remain inside give teak its lasting durability. Over time when left outdoors, teak furniture will naturally age to a handsome silver-gray. This gradual process usually takes from six to twelve months depending on local conditions. The weathering process will eventually leave your furniture with a look of timeless beauty. Water spots or other discoloration may occur early in the weathering process. After the wood has been exposed to moisture the surface grain may raise slightly. Some small cracks may also develop in the wood surface. This is a natural weathering effect and will soon blend into the surrounding surface. The slight separation of the grain has no effect on the strength and longevity of the furniture. Teak will return to its original smooth feel after the initial weathering process. Cleaning with a soft bristle brush or Scotch Brite© pad and soapy water will help to return the surface to a smooth finish.

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Once the furniture has taken on a weathered surface, it is easily maintained by an annual cleaning with a soft bristled brush and soapy water to remove accumulated dirt. Most dirt and stains can be removed with soapy water and a brush. For tough stains and mildew add one part household bleach to two parts water in the soap solution. Rinse well with clean water after washing. Pressure washers are to be avoided as they can scour and roughen the wood surface. Also, the use of steel wool is not recommended as it can leave a residue that can produce rust spots.

Teak Cleaner Teak that has not been cleaned can become dark gray or black after some years. For this case we offer Domus Teak Cleaner to clean your furniture. This highly concentrated cleaner removes accumulated dirt and grease from the surface of the furniture and it also contains brightener ingredients which will help to bring back the original teak color.

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