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Leather Care - Cleaner Conditioner Dye & Repair

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The leather care section contains a wide range of cleaning and repair products designed specifically for use on leather, all of which have been tried and tested for years by consumers and professionals alike. All our products are suitable for use on furniture (sofas, suites, chairs etc), car interior, jackets, clothing, shoes, and equine leather.

Leather Ink & Stain Removal: Our ink remover kit removes all ink stains from leather; biro, permanent marker, felt tip, fountain pen and more. The leather stain remover removes dye transfer from jeans and clothing, newspaper print, juice stains and all other stains. Brand new is our leather degreaser, used to remove grease patches from your arms and head, as well as being able to remove all other grease and oil spills, such as cooking oil, grease from food and sweat.

Leather Dyes & Restoration: The Leather Re-Colouring balm reinstates the colour to faded and worn leather items, excellent for faded aniline and pull leathers it will also re-colour scuff marks and minor scratches to leather.
Use our water based leather colouring system to re-colour all types of leather, excellent for car interior and furniture, you can either restore or change the colour of all leather items. Our kits are permanent and long lasting, the same used in the manufacturing of leather. We also have specific restoration products for antique finished leather like chesterfields and two tone or rub off leather.
Our leather finish re-applies the lacquer to leather when it either wears away or goes sticky. It is easy to use and fixes all problems associated with the leathers finish.

leather Egg chair

Leather Aroma: To re-instate the smell back into leather use our leather aroma spray. For a year round luxurious leather smell why not try our leather scented air freshener for the car or our leather gel for in the home.

Leather Repair: Use our leather repair kits to repair rips, tears, burns, holes, cuts and scratches in leather. You get leather fillers, leather glues, sub patches and all the necessary equipment to make an invisible repair.
We also manufacture a specialist colour kit to fix common problems such as cat scratches, small scuffs and specific areas of colour loss caused from nail varnish remover spills, air fresheners spills and the like.

Leather Protection: For day to day protection use our leather protection cream to repel stains and protect your leather from wear, tear and heat. If colour is starting to fade either slightly or drastically use our professional leather finishes to seal your leather, preventing colour loss and damage.

Leather Cleaners & Conditioners: We make a wide range of specific cleaning products for leather suitable for cleaning all leather types including aniline & pull ups, plus our leather ultra clean, which is used for very dirty and grimy leathers. Our leather conditioners are infused with the aroma of leather and will feed your leather preventing it from drying out or cracking. As well as this our leather protection cream repels stains and protects leather from wear, tear and heat. Our leather care products can be used as aniline leather cleaner and as an aniline leather protector.

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