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How to Take Care of Antique Mahogany Furniture

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It is imperative that you should care for your antique mahogany furniture to ensure that its eternal and timeless beauty is always highlighted. You should always remember the fact that wood is nothing but a pure product as a result of which it should always be kept away from exposure to heat, direct sunlight as well as tremendous humidity or moisture. Any kind of spillage on the wooden surface should be wiped clean and should instantly be dried by means of a soft flannel cloth that should be kept aside for the purpose. For the purpose of everyday cleaning, a wet flannel cloth will suffice, but this process should be repeated with a plain flannel cloth. This should ensure that your antique mahogany furniture is well looked after.

After many years of everyday use, it is advisable to use "Gilly Stephenson" waxes and polishes for the purpose of replenishing finishes that have started showing signs of ageing. There are many situations that are unavoidable and your mahogany furniture could be subjected to damage purely by accident. It could also result in stains that are difficult to remove. It is integral that you should know the necessary ways and means by which you should protect your cherished antique mahogany furniture.

These tips ensure that you do not have to spend a fortune for the purpose of maintaining your antique mahogany furniture.It will also revive your furniture and will impart a sleek look to it. First and foremost, in order to clean your furniture, you should wipe the entire product thoroughly. This is the most important thing that you should do, after purchasing the antique furniture from the antique shop. After wiping the furniture, you should clean it by means of a furniture wax that is specially formulated for the purpose of cleaning antique mahogany furniture. You could try using a European furniture wax that is available in varied colors and could suit the purpose.

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Next, you should apply wax to the antique mahogany furniture to impart the lost shine to it. After you have finished applying wax, you should use basic 4-0 steel wool to clean the furniture. It should not be too rough as it will then damage the perfect finish of your furniture. Assess the components of the furniture wax before you purchase it. It should necessarily have a beeswax component, and this is available in myriad colors. This could be beneficial for you, as you can then camouflage the scratches by opting for a color that is nearest the antique mahogany piece that you have as a result of which it will be enmeshed with the finish and no-one will then notice the scratches.

To continue the process of maintenance of your antique mahogany furniture, it is imperative that you should use wax for cleaning it after a period of 3 to 4 months. This will also ensure that your wood is more long-lasting. You should remember to avoid spraying any kind of aerosol cleaners on a finish specifically as it could result in serious damage to your furniture. As an alternative, you could spray the cleaner on a rag and then wipe the furniture with the damp rag. These are certain things that you should keep in mind while you are caring for your antique mahogany furniture.

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