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Maintenance of Glass furniture

If you invest in glass furniture, make sure you know how to look after it.
Fans of contemporary style love glass furniture. Glass is an incredibly versatile material and, properly toughened and treated so that it's safe, it's a great choice for a modern home. Glass furniture comes in a wide range of styles, but whatever you choose, it's important that you keep it looking great.

Glass Coffee Table

Looking after Glass Furniture
As an increasing number of homeowners choose glass furniture for their home, more attention is being paid to its long-term care. That's because although a piece of furniture that's glass-topped, or has glass features can look beautiful in the showroom, it can soon get dirty and chipped in the home if enough care isn't taken from day one. That shouldn't put you off buying glass furniture. Regular, recommended care will help you to keep your glass as a sparkling centrepiece:

Maintenance- if you are unlucky enough to chip your glass furniture, get it repaired as soon as possible. You can do this yourself with a clear epoxy that's recommended for glass furniture, or you can call a professional repairer who will do the job for you. Remember that chips and cracks are not only unsightly, but could be unsafe, so it's important to repair quickly

Protection - just like good wood, you need to protect your glass furniture from the moment it enters your home. Make sure that hot drinks and plates are put onto coasters or mats, and not straight onto the glass. Check that flower vases are completely dry so that there's no danger of water damage, and don't let children play with toys directly on the glass surface. Basic protection will go a long way towards ensuring that your glass stays gleaming.

Barcelona Glass Table

Cleaning - only clean your glass furniture with recommended products. The wrong cleaning solutions could dull or damage your glass, so it's important you find out what cleaning products are best for your furniture. Only use soft cloths to buff the glass - nothing with abrasive fibres - and make sure the glass is completely dry after cleaning.

All-over care- it's not just the top of your glass furniture that needs to be cleaned. Clean all surfaces of the glass - top, bottom and sides - for a really sparkling result. With the right equipment, this type of regular cleaning doesn't have to take long and it will restore your glass furniture to the gleaming gorgeousness you fell for in the showroom.

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