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How to maintain to leather furniture

Regular cleaning solutions can cause your leather furniture to crack or peel, so always use a cleaning material that's specially designed for the job. Ask at your local DIY store for the brands that they carry, or give one of our tried and tested Carpet & Furniture Care Kits a go, they will keep leather supple, smooth and stain-free.

If you can't get the stains out despite your best efforts, booking a professional service is easy

Cleaning Leather Take the following steps to give your leather furniture the right touch:

leather Egg chair

Never use wet wipes to clean your leather furniture - always use leather wipes or a damp cloth
Clean the leather at least three times a year to keep it in good condition
All leathers react differently to cleaning, so keep a careful eye on colour coming changes on the leather while you clean
Most cleaning products for leather come in concentrate form - always dilute the mixture before you apply it as the concentrated liquid can cause damage
Be gentle - two or three gentle wipes will do the job, whereas rubbing will do more harm than good

Cleaning Aniline & Nubuck Leathers Aniline or Nubuck leathers require intensive care to keep their look and feel:

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the leather's surface
Add a small amount of special cleaning fluid to a damp sponge, producing a light foam, then apply gently
Beware of letting the leather get too moist while you clean
Allow the clean leather to dry naturally or dry it gently with a hair dryer

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