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How to maintain furniture in rainy days

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Into the rainy season, wet weather Lianriyinyu, do not clear up a few days, you may need to know that the furniture mold maintenance? With the approach of summer, summer, light, temperature and humidity changes quickly, humid air, hot, strong ultraviolet rays, which affect the useful life of furniture. To this reporter interviewed a number of experts to teach you how to rainy summer days and major maintenance of furniture.

To resist invasion of humidity, and maintain indoor dry rainy season is the most important issue, solid wood furniture, furniture and software, furniture plate ahead of time to do a good job should be damp damage.

Panel Furniture, including wood fibreboard, particleboard, plywood and so on rainy days in damp and moldy easily, can be soft, dry cloth to clean the water condensation on the top, so keep the room ventilated. If not satisfied, you can use charcoal to absorb moisture from the room. A large number of moisture will allow the cortex aristocratic style of furniture once destroyed, Xu Lin, furniture cortex in the dust, on the surface add to the exclusive use of mink oil, sheep oil, oil, leather, the moisture can mold. In wet weather, maintenance sofa cloth can be used to light winds hairdryer sofa, the sofa in order to eliminate the moisture. As for the furniture on the handrail or metal legs, were found in rusty water vapor corrosion signs must be timely addition to the brush.

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Most of solid wood furniture will be done to deal with moisture, even a slight expansion in the summer, it will not affect the durability of furniture. However, because of mahogany furniture carved with a large number, and most of the moisture content has not been dealt with, the use of the need to rework the first year of grinding. In order to prevent the summer of solid wood drawers, as a result of over-expansion of the sliding door open Hopewell difficult and can in a drawer, and the sliding door at the bottom of the chute on the edge of smearing or paraffin wax.

Cortex of the furniture selection is divided into full-General textilis (head of cattle skin Road), Green and a half (2 of cattle skin) and imitation leather. The sofa cortex, the influx of cloth used to clean, large pieces of condensation stains can be used cleaning agents bubble clean-up. "Khan in the summer, the leather will absorb sweat pore, high-temperature and humid Khan in the lead and organic chemical reactions occur leather, easy to smell, so to rub ground, the best place to keep dry air-conditioned room.

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