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Basic office furniture maintenance knowledge

Eames Office Chair

Office is the second place where you spend most of your time, even to some crazy workers, it's the first place that they spend their time of the day. So office is the second home where you are assigned to perform your professional job efficiently. Just like your home, the indispensable part of your office is office furniture. They are just like your friends and sometimes influence your mood. Maybe they are the friends that accompany with you the longest time. So take good care of your best friends-your office furniture. Here below are some basic office furniture maintenance knowledge and wish it help.

1. Leather office furniture maintenance
Many managers like to buy leather furniture in their own offices and in their conference Room that's because of leather furniture's elegant color and lustre, extremely nice tactility and beautiful appearance. To prevent changing their soft texture and color, leather furniture should be protected from direct sunlight as it may get damaged. You can clean it with neuter detergent first, and then clean it with water below 30 degrees. After that, use soft and dry cotton cloth to dry it.

2. Steel-made furniture maintenance
Durable and solid steel made furniture is also very common in offices. Mop it with soft cloth and avoid using rough, organic menstruum. These are the main cause of getting rusty.

3. Wood furniture maintenance
white lc2 sofa Wood office furniture is the most common furniture. The biggest advantage of natural wood furniture products lies in the grain and its natural color. They need good air conditioning facilities in the office as they are vulnerable to changes in temperature and might expand or contract if they are subjected to extreme weather conditions and humidity. You can clean it with neuter detergent first, and then clean it with water. After it is dried, people can use wax to polish it. Regular wax it every 6-12 months. Avoid direct strong sunshine. Avoid contact of a corrosive fluid, alcohol, nail polish and so on.

4 Fabric office furniture maintenance
Fabrics furniture are often used dust-proof, anti-pollution materials. It's soft, colorful. In general, you can clean it by this way: just pat or clean with vacuum cleaners if it is covered by dust. If drinks are pulled on the surface, clean with neuter detergent, and dry it with clean cloth. For stubborn stains, you'd better sent them to the professional store to clean to prevent deformation and prolong their life.

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