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Non Conformist Chair

Non Conformist Chair
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Product name: Non Conformist Chair
Inspired Designer: Eileen Gray
Product No: KT40258
Min.Order Quantity: 5 Piece/Pieces
product size(cm): W64 X D62 X H78cm
Packaging Details: 1PC/CNT; (Standard Export Package.)
Delivery Detail: 20-30days per 40HQ
Product Description:
Non Conformist Chair by Eileen Gray; stainless steel tube frame chair,Covered with leather or cotton fabric.
Designed back in 1926, its asymmetrical shape was at the cutting edge of experimental design, defying the conventions of furniture design, hence its name. Whilst it won't exactly shock people today, it is still an eye-catching design. It piques and provokes what one might expect of it, and yet it is inexplicably aesthetic and harmonious a nonconformist on velvet paws. Eileen Gray commented quite pragmatically on her work in typical understatement: "An armrest was omitted in order to leave the body more freedom in movement and to allow it to bend forward or to turn to the other side unrestricted." Seldom was a 'nonconformist' more ready to talk.
Non Conformist Chair can be selected material:
k2618 k2008 k2616 620X 2631
Italy leather

For more information on materials,please contact us,and we will serve your needs better.
(As the shooting light, angle and color displays, physical and photos maybe some differences! Kind prevail.)