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PH 3/2 Floor Lamp

PH 3/2 Floor Lamp
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Product name: PH 3/2 Floor Lamp
Inspired Designer: Poul Henningsen
Product No: KT8107-F
Min.Order Quantity: 5 Piece/Pieces
product size(cm): H131 x D44.5 and H 153 x D44.5cm
Packaging Details: 1PC/2CNT; (Standard Export Package.)
Delivery Detail: 20-30days per 40HQ
Product Description:
The Replica Poul Henningsen PH3/2 Floor Lamp is true to the original design, creating a harmonious and subtle light that will ignite any space.
Poul Henningsen's PH 3/2 Floor Lamp (1927) is a member of the PH 3-shade family, a series of light fixtures designed by Henningsen to produce glare-free and economically distribute light. The three glass shades of the PH 3/2 Floor Lamp are arranged in a relationship of 3:2:1, drawing their reflections over a logarithmic spiral, which places the light source directly in the spiral's focal point. Allowing most of the light to reflect outward and downward from the matte undersides, the glass shades enable 12% of the light to penetrate and contribute to the overall room lighting. The result is a soft, evenly distributed glare-free glow.